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Roof Inspections In Boston

As a Boston homeowner, business owner or commercial property owner, you will be well aware how important it is to ensure your property undergoes regular proper roof maintenance. At KTM Roofing Boston, we have you covered for all of your roof inspection needs. An annual roof inspection will ensure that your roof remains in good shape throughout the year. Whether it's a commercial roof inspection, home residential roof inspection or you’re in need of an emergency roof repair, by signing up for one of our preventative maintenance plans you can rest easy knowing our professional roof inspection team have given the all clear.

Certified Inspections in Boston MA

The roof of your home or business serves as the main defense against weather and storms. Your roof is there for you when you need protection from the snow and strong winds that tear through New England each year.

Inspections of Damaged Roofs

The moment you begin to notice the first signs of a leak on your ceiling, chances are that the roof could be facing many issues by then – mold growth, structural problems, or damaged insulation, to name a few. Avoid these issues and the need for any unnecessary roof leak repair costs by allowing our Boston roof inspections team to do what we do best.

Man on his knees inspecting a roof

The Best Time to Inspect Your Roof

A high rise rooftop being inspected by a man in high visibility clothing

While most home and business owners start thinking about their roof inspection following a snowstorm or any other substantial weather event, it might not be the only appropriate time to consider the health of your roof. At KTM Exteriors, we offer preventative maintenance services for our commercial roof clients to ensure your roof maintains its perfect shape.

Home Maintenance Inspections

Most home inspections are carried out during the fall, before the onset of winter. The frosty temperatures of winter can impact the efficiency of your roof, and repairs done before the colder months can save you further expenses should the weather be more extreme.

Thorough Roof Inspections

Doing repairs on ice-cold roofs can be challenging and costly. A thorough roof inspection during the fall is important, because if you do not identify the issues in time, you might be stuck with a roof that needs costly leak repairs during the winter, or have to wait until the onset of spring to fix them and suffer additional damages and related cost involved in additional roof repairs.

Professional Roof Inspections Boston

Our qualified KTM roof inspectors in Boston and New England can identify all the common roof issues. We complete a comprehensive visual inspection which includes identifying if there are any flapping or missing shingles, or in the case of a flat roof looking for any visible punctures or failing seams. There are issues you may not be able to see on your own, which makes finding a trusted roofing company in Boston all the more important. 

Annual Roof Inspections

Even if your roof is less than 5 years old and has no visible signs of an interior leak. An all-inclusive roof inspection conducted by a qualified roof inspector who understands what to search for is still a good idea. We recommend it once a year. So you’re not caught with unexpected problems with your roof. If you have a flat roof you can inspect for tears for any pulling seams and then contact KTM to make the proper roof repairs.

A roof inspector bending over looking at a chimney

We Have Your New Roof Covered

Start Your Roof Today!

Local Boston Roof Inspectors

For periodic Boston roofing inspections, particularly if the roof is over ten years old, you should get in touch so we can assess your roof and offer advice. Whether you have rubber roofing, tile roofing, metal roofing, a rooftop deck or a shingle roof, we can inspect it. We can also inspect your vinyl siding, soffit and fascia under our home maintenance inspection plan. 

Inspecting Roof Material

The moment you request our roofing services, our roofing expert will check for leaks, strange wear and tear, wind damage, organic growth problems, and other issues that might have arisen during asphalt shingles installation or ensuing repairs.

Finally, we conduct our inspection in four facets – workmanship, materials, structure, and interior.

Workmanship Inspection – Our highly qualified inspector will determine if there are any issues related to poor installation that may promote leak risks or other potential problems. Detecting improper flashing of roof penetrations, such as skylights, vent pipes, and chimneys are a great example of where a simple fix can save you in the long run.

Material Inspection – We identify any loose, curling, or missing roof shingles, check for moss, stains, missing fasteners and flashing, and for rust. The accumulation of broken shingles in the gutters and downspouts or around the roof valley is an indication that your roof needs some urgent repairs or even a roof replacement. We also examine the seals and rubber boots, and roof coatings around your vent pipes to check for deterioration or gaps.

Structural Inspection – We check for sagging and malformation of the roof's substructure. We examine your masonry and chimneys for any signs of crumbling grout, cracks, and dented chimney caps. We will assess the soffit condition, gutter system, and fascia. We will also assess the venting conditions around the attic. Poor ventilation may cause both moisture and heat build-up, which can reduce your roof’s lifespan. It can also increase the risk of an ice dam forming on the edge of the roof.

Interior Inspection – An internal roof leak detection and assessment is done by examining the interior attic, ceilings, and walls for rot, mold, water stains, and other indicators of water penetrating into your home or building.

A man on a ladder with a yellow helmet hammering in nails to a roof

A Comprehensive Roofing Analysis

A two storey house with shingled roofing

Once we are done with your roof inspection and have completed our analysis, we send you a comprehensive report regarding the status of your roof. We will also advise on the type of repairs that may be needed. If the repairs are essential, we can help you plan for them immediately so that you don’t have to deal with them during winter.

Trusted Boston Roof Inspections 

At KTM Roofing Boston, we simply offer the best roof inspections in Boston, MA. We serve the entire Boston region, surrounding areas and other areas in New England, and our services are the best value for money. For a fast response from a professional roofing contractor, call us to learn more about getting your roof inspected with KTM Roofing Boston!

A two storey house with grey roof shingles
A home with a large two storey roofA single storey home with a light grey roofA light brown house fascade with brown roof shingles

Our Services

KTM Roofing Boston Can Help You!

From siding to dumpster rentals to specific solutions across all types of roofing, we're the roofers you can trust. Below you'll find a full list of services, all of which we deliver at very competitive rates.

Roof Inspections

Prevention is always the best option, and we can make sure you have zero potentially costly issues on the horizon.

Roof Maintenance

With regular maintenance from our experts, you'll never be faced with an emergency roof situation again.


Whether it's an emergency or an annoyance, we'll have your repair needs taken care of quickly.

Roof Restoration

Rely on your roof once again with our restoration experts.

Roof Leak Repair

Is there a hidden drip keeping you up at night? We'll find and fix it quickly.

Residential Roofing

A comfortable home has a reliable roof, and our team have all of the solutions to protect your biggest investment.

Commercial Roofing

Avoid interruptions to your business operations due to a roofing issue with our cost-effective commercial solutions.

Shingled Roofing

Enjoy energy efficiency and a robust roof option thanks to our shingled roofing.


Metal roofing is a very resistant roofing option for hail and wind damage while also being very low-maintenance.


For ease of cleaning and inspection, opt for a flat roof!

Damage Repair

Has some wild weather caused damage to your roof? We can rectify this straight away!

Roof Waterproofing

Prolongs the lifespan of your property by limiting the water and moisture that can enter through the ceiling with our waterproofing solutions.


Go green with our roof coating, the best way to keep your property cool and reduce energy consumption.


As part of our energy efficiency offerings, insulated siding adds an extra layer to your roofing, keeping your family comfortable while lowering your energy bills.

Custom Design Roofs

Looking for something more unique to suit the aesthetic of your home? Let's talk about a custom-designed roof that will have everyone looking up.

Rooftop Deck Installations

Everyone loves a spot with a view! Whether you are a commercial entity or residential homeowner, increase your space with a stunning rooftop deck.


Skylights stand out as a brilliant addition to your home.

Additional Services

We offer demolition clean-out, dumpster rentals, and snow removal services.

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