As Boston's premier roofing contractor, KTM Roofing & Exteriors is dedicated to offering convenient and accessible roof financing options. We provide competitive rates and flexible payment plans, ensuring that your roofing repairs or installations fit comfortably within your budget. Explore your financing options with KTM.

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Financing Options With KTM

Unsure about roof replacement cost?

We know that home maintenance projects and upkeep can do some damage to your wallet. But sometimes, waiting until the last moment to address an issue (i.e., a leaky roof) can become even more costly. That’s why we are extraordinarily proud to offer financing options on all of our services!

Thanks to our partnerships with Upgrade, Hearth, and others, we can help you develop a plan that works for your wallet.

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We currently can offer financing on:
• Roofing
• Siding
• Windows
• And More!

Got questions? We love to answer! Contact us and let's talk financing.

Why Consider KTM's Financing Service for Your Roofing Project?

Our financing service is a boon for wise homeowners looking to budget for roofing replacement without upfront financial stress. We provide options that suit various needs, from metal roofs to energy-efficient installations. Our monthly payment plans, including credit cards and personal loans, are designed with your financial comfort in mind.

Understanding KTM's Roof Financing Options

Navigating roof financing options can be overwhelming, but our experienced team makes it easy. We offer various plans, including equity loans and flexible credit terms, catering to different credit scores. Our transparent roofing payment plans ensure you’re fully informed about every aspect of the financing.

Navigating Financial Options with Expert Guidance

Our customer service team excels in guiding you through the array of financing options. Whether it’s a personal loan or using your credit card, we help you understand the repayment terms and find a plan that suits your financial situation.

Contact Us for a Personalized Roof Financing Consultation

For a personalized consultation regarding your roof financing needs, contact KTM Roofing & Exteriors. We're here to assist you, offering Convenient Financing for both residential and commercial roofing industry needs. Trust our team to provide the most flexible and suitable options for your roofing project.

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