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Custom Designed Roofing To Suit Your Needs

KTM Exteriors understands the types of products and approaches to apply to ensure that the type of roof you get is unique, attractive and matches the overall look of your property. 

Based on our twenty years of experience in the industry, we listen to your needs and know what it takes to bring your vision to life. Let us know your ideas and we'll be most willing to help you come up with a plan to build a beautiful and long-lasting custom roof.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal with KTM Exteriors

Installing a fresh roof on your home or commercial property, especially one created by the roof design specialists at KTM Exteriors, your property’s value is sure to skyrocket. Typically, people consider a new custom roof to be the leading transformation that increases their property value.

We Understand Custom Design Roofs

Many different roofing designs exist in Boston. We can create a custom design solution to give your home or property its own distinctive architectural style. We use high-quality roofing materials for all our custom roof installations around the Boston and New England area, and the outcome is always amazing. 

A custom roof allows the use of a wide range of colors and design options to complement your property and fit into your budget. You may be surprised to see your neighbors stopping by just to inquire about the roofing company behind the project! The results will make you so happy that you won't hesitate to recommend KTM Exteriors to your family and friends.

Our Roofing Promise

We are upfront about our rates, and disclose every detail when quoting a project. We always do what we promise during our initial agreement and throughout the project. All aspects of the job are clear, which builds trust with our clients and ensures a happy outcome.

With KTM Exteriors, you are in safe hands; we emphasize honesty and reliability. We give iron-clad warranties on everything we offer our esteemed clients. Whatever we tell you, you can rest assured it will happen. You can’t afford anything less than satisfaction which is what we deliver!

Your Ultimate Commercial Roof Replacement Company

Out of the many roofing companies out there, finding one with experience is critical. KTM Exteriors has vast experience, a well-informed and courteous workforce, and is the most qualified and trustworthy roofing company in Boston and New England area. Most importantly, we offer incredibly affordable packages to enable you to complete your commercial roofing project promptly.

Family Oriented
Among the most critical aspects for our workforce is family. We have had the opportunity to assist countless families to design their dream homes. We understand the importance of family and how keeping a literal roof over their heads is one of the main reasons we got into business!

Setting the Time Frame
Designing and completing your new roof can sometimes take time. We are clear, specific and honest when setting a work delivery time frame. We ensure this is included in our comprehensive quote. We include the project completion timeframe so you can know what to expect every step of the way. Once we commit to the schedule, we are committed to guaranteeing 100% satisfaction.

100% Guarantee
You can entrust KTM Exterior with your custom roof design. We don't just offer you assurance with roofing shingles approved by GAF, but we offer many different roofing options for any project which are always guaranteed. We can install an appealing new roof to your building today, fully customized to suit your needs, guaranteed!

Roofing Design For Life

When it comes to custom roof design, you can’t go wrong with a reliable company who is also experienced in roof inspections and roof repairs. We have a portfolio of highly acclaimed projects that have been built to stand the test of time. We go out of our way to ensure your home or building design stands out amongst the rest. KTM Exteriors is at your service and look forward to designing a custom roof to match your precious home. We are certain you will love what we offer as the final result.

Our Services

KTM Roofing Boston Can Help You!

From siding to dumpster rentals to specific solutions across all types of roofing, we're the roofers you can trust. Below you'll find a full list of services, all of which we deliver at very competitive rates.

Roof Inspections

Prevention is always the best option, and we can make sure you have zero potentially costly issues on the horizon.

Roof Maintenance

With regular maintenance from our experts, you'll never be faced with an emergency roof situation again.


Whether it's an emergency or an annoyance, we'll have your repair needs taken care of quickly.

Roof Restoration

Rely on your roof once again with our restoration experts.

Roof Leak Repair

Is there a hidden drip keeping you up at night? We'll find and fix it quickly.

Residential Roofing

A comfortable home has a reliable roof, and our team have all of the solutions to protect your biggest investment.

Commercial Roofing

Avoid interruptions to your business operations due to a roofing issue with our cost-effective commercial solutions.

Shingled Roofing

Enjoy energy efficiency and a robust roof option thanks to our shingled roofing.


Metal roofing is a very resistant roofing option for hail and wind damage while also being very low-maintenance.


For ease of cleaning and inspection, opt for a flat roof!

Damage Repair

Has some wild weather caused damage to your roof? We can rectify this straight away!

Roof Waterproofing

Prolongs the lifespan of your property by limiting the water and moisture that can enter through the ceiling with our waterproofing solutions.


Go green with our roof coating, the best way to keep your property cool and reduce energy consumption.


As part of our energy efficiency offerings, insulated siding adds an extra layer to your roofing, keeping your family comfortable while lowering your energy bills.

Custom Design Roofs

Looking for something more unique to suit the aesthetic of your home? Let's talk about a custom-designed roof that will have everyone looking up.

Rooftop Deck Installations

Everyone loves a spot with a view! Whether you are a commercial entity or residential homeowner, increase your space with a stunning rooftop deck.


Skylights stand out as a brilliant addition to your home.

Additional Services

We offer demolition clean-out, dumpster rentals, and snow removal services.

We Have Your New Roof Covered

Start Your Roof Today!

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