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Popular Roofing Materials

Whenever you think of the word roof, a familiar image comes to mind: the conventional dark gray roofing installation with flat rectangular pieces. Reports generally show that asphalt shingle roofs like the one you would imagine are the most common types of roofing that you'll find in most homes.

It's normal to get an idea of a shingle roof, but how much do you know about this type of roofing system? In this article, we'll go through everything that you should know about a shingle roof.

What Are Roof Shingles?

One of the common types of pitched roofs that are usually laid with an overlapping style is roof shingles. With this type of roof, every successive strip overlaps over the next during its installation, mainly from the roof's bottom edge. It's worth noting that shingle roof tiles are also referred to as tile strips.

Roof shingles mostly come in rectangular and flat shapes, but you're likely to find other styles, including horizontal and square designs. The materials used in making shingles also vary, with the most common options being made from bitumen, white asphalt, wood, slate, metal, plastic, and stakes.

Roof shingles have an unmistakable appearance, which is why they are a vital component of the exterior of homes. Another great thing is that they are manufactured in many colors.

Benefits Of Roof Shingles

Apart from the aesthetic appeal that they offer, there are many benefits of roof shingles, and they include the following:

Underestimated lifespan

Most people will tell you that asphalt shingles don't have a good shelf life, but it would interest you to know that three-tab and four-tab shingles have a long lifespan and can last for as long as a century or even more. Also, their lifespan has significantly improved over the past few years, thanks to technological advancements in the field.

Quick and straightforward installation

The processes of fitting or replacing bitumen shingles are pretty straightforward, and you're not likely to face so many difficulties during the process. You only need to ensure that you follow the proper instructions and use the right materials.

Another fantastic thing is that, irrespective of the size of the project, shingle installations are a lot faster compared to the use of other materials. Generally, the average time to complete a re-shingling job shouldn't take more than three days, depending on the weather conditions.


When it comes to durability, asphalt roof shingles stand out. They usually have UV ray resistance and non-rotting glass fibers. These are the most essential qualities required for a roof. In addition, they are also expected to be waterproof to prevent water from entering your home.


With all the features mentioned above, you'll expect roof shingles to be expensive. However, they are very affordable and a perfect option for other alternatives like concrete and slate tiles, as well as many other types of shingles.

Homeowners that are on a budget can also consider bitumen tiles because they are equally a cheap alternative.

Common Types Of Shingle Roofing

For emphasis, roofing shingles are curved or flat tiles that overlap or interlock such that they channel water away from pitched roofs. They are usually made from different materials and with varying features, including weight, style, color, durability, and cost.

Here are the common types of shingle roofing that you'll find on the market:


This is the most common type of shingles that you'll find in many homes, and this is because they are generally easy to install and affordable. Also, they come in different colors and styles and are designed to last for as long as 20 years.


When it comes to life expectancy, especially for conventional roof covering, clay roof tiling has the most extended lifespan and can go for as long as 100 years or even more. One of the main reasons they are long-lasting is because of their fireproof qualities, which make them strong.


Metal is also a long-lasting alternative that people opt for. One great thing about the metallic option is that they are a safe choice for homes. These roofing options are primarily installed in vertical panels. Recent designs of metal shingles today are created with a pattern that mimics clay, wooden, or slate tiles. Like the other options, they are also available in different materials and colors.


Wooden shingle roofs are made of tapered and thin wood pieces. These are also widespread alternatives and offer a distinct appearance to most homes. The critical thing to note about this type of roofing material is that you should use it in regions that are not fire-prone. Also, this type of roof is long-lasting and can go for up to 15 to 30 years, depending on the climate and wood material you use.


Rubber is also a common type of roofing shingle that you'll find on many properties, and this is because they are eco-friendly. Also, this type of roofing shingle is usually designed to resemble cedar, asphalt, or slate. They can last up to 30 years or even more when appropriately installed.


The last type of roof shingle we'll discuss is made from slate. They are also long-lasting, and they can go for as long as 100 years when installed properly. It's worth mentioning that slate is a natural stone that is obtained from silt or clay deposits, particularly on seabeds.

Choosing Roof Shingles

In addition to knowing the types available, and the materials they are made from, there are other vital things that you should know when choosing roof shingles for your home. One of the main factors that influence the decision is personal preference, which will also determine the type of material you choose.

Despite that, it's essential to recognize that the considerations you make can impact the durability of the roof shingles you choose, as well as the value it adds to your home.

Here are some other factors that you should look at when choosing roof shingles for your property:


One of the first things you should consider is the effects the roofing shingle will have on the environment. This is not only limited to the carbon footprints that are associated with the manufacture of the shingles but also the energy costs it comes with.

With the proper roofing materials, you can effectively insulate your home, which will help you lower your energy costs and reduce the impact it will have on your environment.

There are different roofing shingles available, and the critical thing to know is that the options available all have different effects on your home and environment.

For example, choosing a solar shingle will allow you to generate clean energy from your roofing, reducing your dependence on different utility companies. Most of these utility companies are powered by fossil fuels, which are not environmentally friendly.

Impact resistance

This is a vital consideration for people who live in areas with extreme weather conditions. It's one of the most significant decisions when deciding the type of shingle that you select. Hail can cause damages that can break your roofing materials and also alter its waterproofing ability. This will also increase your roof's vulnerability to leaks, molds, and water infiltration.

Another thing to note is that damages resulting from hail impact are usually not visible, and only trained eyes can spot these damages easily. If you live in an area highly prone to hail, you should consider checking the impact rating of the roof shingle you get.

With respect to impact-resistant rating, the different roof shingles are placed under different classes, which are class one to class four. The most durable among these classes is the class four impact resistance rating. Therefore, if you live in areas with extreme weather conditions, the impact rating is one of the critical things that you should check when getting roof shingles.

Algae resistance

In addition to the impact resistance of the roof shingles that you get, another vital thing that you'll need to consider is the algae resistance of the roof shingles. This is because roofs are exposed to different threats, which include wind, the sun, rain, and other microorganisms.

If you live in an area that is prone to high humidity, you'll notice black streaks growing on the roofs within that region. This growth is primarily a result of algae growth. It can also lead to the formation of patches on your roof, thereby compromising the aesthetic appeal and quality of your roof shingles.

To avoid having these black patches on your shingles, the key thing to look out for is the algae resistance of the shingles that you get. If you live in a humid environment, algae resistance is a crucial factor that you should consider before getting your new roof.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shingle Roofs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about shingle roofs:

What is a shingle roof?

Shingle roofs and conventional asphalt roofing have a lot in common. However, shingle roofs are made of different layers, which are usually placed on top of each other. They protect the entire home from elements like sun damage, snow, ice, and rain.

How long should I expect my shingle roof to last?

Shingle roofs are generally designed to last long, and they can go for up to 15 to 20 years, depending on the installation and quality of the roof. If you want your roof shingles to last, the best thing to do is to hire a professional to do the installation for you.

How do shingle roofs compare to other types of roofing?

There are many differences between shingle and metal roofs. When it comes to these two types of roofs, the main thing to note is that asphalt offers better protection and is long-lasting, especially when properly installed. Also, asphalt is generally a more affordable and easy-to-install alternative.

How much does a shingle roof cost?

Different factors influence the price of a shingle roof. However, the main thing to note about these shingles is that they are generally affordable. Another exciting thing is that there are different people that offer special discounts and offers on shingle roofs.

If you are considering replacing your roof and wondering whether it'd be expensive, you have nothing to worry about as they are generally budget-friendly.

How do I know if my shingle roof needs to be replaced?

There are many signs that you should look out for to identify whether a shingle is damaged or not. One of the first signs you should look out for is if it has broken or missing shingles. The second sign to look out for is if there's a leakage or any other water damage in your home.

Another sign that you should look out for is when pesky weeds start to grow on your shingle roofs. If you identify any of these signs, then it's an indication that you need a roof replacement.

Get Shingle Roofs Professionally Installed

As mentioned earlier, getting a shingle replacement is easy and affordable. This also applies to getting new ones, as different affordable and budget-friendly options are available. Whether you have a flat roof or pitched roof or whether you just need roof repairs, working with professional shingle roof installers will help you get your roof in tip-top shape. With their years of experience and training, a professional shingle roofer will do the job right the first time.

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