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Now that October flew by so quickly the air outside becomes crisp and cool. New Englanders know, soon after the neighborhood ghouls are at our doors for sweets, Jack Frost is not far behind them nipping at our toes, seeping through our windows, and ultimately making our heat bills rocket as well. According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE) as much as 40% of your heating costs is wasted as heat seeps out of your windows, which accounts for 10-25% of your electric bill, So, what steps can be taken this autumn to ensure homeowners like you can help keep Jack’s destruction at bay? KTM is here to help you fully prepare and up your window weather security to keep things cozy this upcoming winter. With these easy steps and help from KTM, it’ll be a breeze.

Step One: Banish the debri and dirt. Window sills and the sliding parts of sliding door windows have a tendency to catch dirt, leaves, sand, and other debri over the months. Free these areas of unwanted debris and dirt simply by brushing them away, followed by a good clean, to ensure a tighter seal when windows are closed. Pay a little extra attention to your windows on the south side of your home, when it comes to keeping them clean. This will help maximize your solar gain within your home.

Step Two: Seal the deal. One of the most common of the homeowner’s winter nightmares is drafts. Before the cold air even begins it’s plot inside through the windows take time to replace your seals and weather stripping. If while cleaning your windows sited in step one, you notice your stripping is looking a bit worn, or loose this is a good clue as for it to be a weak link in your winter home defense.  Simply reattach or replace weather stripping to keep your warm air right where it belongs, in your home. This simple and cost-effective step is a sure way to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Also be sure to reapply caulk or sealant around your windows as they may have been exposed to heavy weather or harsh sunlight during the hot summer months.

Step Three: Inspect, Assess, Repair. Old wood windows that may be cracked or rotting will allow cold air and moisture into your home this winter. Thoroughly looking over and carefully inspect your windows closely keeping an eye out for water damage or moisture leakage. Promptly replace any damaged wood,.

Step Four: Replace and Renew. Windows have come a long way since those inefficient single-pane windows of yesteryear. Today, windows are more energy efficient than ever before, helping you save money on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Consider replacing and installing storm windows to your home. Storm windows give an extra layer of protection against moisture and air leaks. By ensuring that your windows are fully secure, you may be saving a ton of money on energy costs that would otherwise fly out the window through unintended gaps and cracks.

Step Five: Treat Your Sills. The right blinds or shades can make a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Blinds, shades, and shutters are for more than just decoration.

Don’t forget about taking care of any skylight issues as well. Poorly installed skylights are hotspots for leaks, and it’s imperative you get any issues with them taken care of before rain starts falling. With KTM skylights, the quality of the installation is never a concern.

Now that you’ve got your windows prepared, what about prepping the rest of the home? Check back in with us at KTM as we help guide you through the preparations as we slide into the winter season. While your at it, make sure to check out our snow removal services. Better to be prepared than to be stuck in the cold!

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