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While we are living in a strange and uncommon time, one thing that remains the same is the need for maintenance around the house. With the extra time (and in some cases hands) now is a great time if any to tackle the exterior of your home. Look below for a list of things you can do for your home to up curb appeal and prolong the lifespan of your siding roof and lawn.

Driveway Maintenance

While concrete and latex asphalt sealer might not be in everybody’s garage, one thing we can all do is upkeep our driveways until they can be patched. Remove any offending weeds and grass that are encroaching upon your driveway or have begun to grow in the cracks. Doing so will help to prevent further cracking and damage.

Clean your Gutters

With the extra time and warm spring weather, a nice sunny day is the perfect time to get on that ladder and give your gutters a good clean. Removing leftover debris from the fall and winter will keep your gutters in working order for the potential spring showers. Now is also a good time to plan out repairs. Inspect your gutters and make note of where there may be potential damage that you can address in the near future.

Give your Windows a Good Scrub.

While you may have been washing the interiors of your windows for the past year, now is the time to give the exteriors some love. Pollen and dirt run rampant as the weather heats up. Once the dust settles give your windows a good scrub and keep them clear and shining like new.

Wash Your Siding

Depending on the siding of your home, the elements may have taken their toll on the side of your home. A good spray does well to knock dirt and mildew from your home. Depending on your siding choice, be it vinyl or wood, there are various solutions you can add to water to have your home shining like new.

We’re living in uncertain and confusing times. It’s important to remember what really matters, family. Use this time to do things with loved ones and keep each other safe. Quality time can be found anywhere, even in cleaning gutters.

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